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09/10   Ҷойгоҳ ва таҳаввули мактуб ... - " Мактубҳое, ки дар замони истиқлол дар рўзномаву маҷаллаҳо чоп шудаанд, меросбари ..."
30/10   ЧАРОҒИ ДИЛ - " Ҷабри устод беҳ зи меҳри падар   Инсон ҳар қадар солор шавад, аз панду ..."
12/11   ЧАНДЕ ДАР БОРАИ «АВТОКРИТИКА» - "        Автокритика (худнақднамоӣ) ин фикру дарку ..."
08/11   Фаъолияти сиёсии журналисти ... - " Аз замоне, ки журналистика ба вуҷуд омад, ба сиёсат алоқамандӣ дошт. Ва ин ..."
02/03   ФАЪОЛИЯТИ НАШРИЯИ «БА ... - " Дар соли 2018 ҳайати эҷодии нашрияи «Ба қуллаҳои дониш» 20 шумораи нашрияро аз чоп ..."
06/03   Талаботи замон ва омодагии ... - " Тањсилоти олї дар соњаи журналистикаи тољик тўли 25 соли истиќлолияти давлатї ба ..."
28/03   ТАКОПӮ АНДАР ПАЙРАҲАИ ИЛМ - " Чанд андеша дар бораи маҷмӯаи мақолаҳои профессор М. Муродов «Исиқлолият ва рушди ..."




        A long time ago there was a man by name Edison. He was very lazy and he did not want to work for make a living. But his poor father worked very hard for his family. One day his father wanted to take his son that he could help him and they can bring more money for the family. But lazy- bones Edison did not want to help, and decided to lie to his father that one of his friends will have a wedding tomorrow and he was invented.



     The day after Edison was getting ready for the fake wedding, in order to his father will not to take him by himself. Then he went out of the house and he looked at himself that his clothes were not very responsible to be in the wedding. Near of their home there was a man s clothes shop . He entered to the shop and looked here and there for smart suits. After some minute the shop- assistant came to him and asked: Can I help you with something?- than he answered: Yes I need a suit please. Than a shop assistant brought him a very beautiful and expensive suit which always were worn by rich businessmen. Seeing that suit he immediately wanted to try it on. He asked to the shop assistant that could he try it on?-Than the shop assistant took him to the trying on room. He wore the suit and planed how to escape from the shop because he did not have money to buy it. Than one brilliant idea came to his mind .His idea was that «Now I will say that I forgot my money and I will phone to my driver and he will bring it». Instead being slacker he was very clever man.


     Lying to the shop assistant he took his phone and went out of the shop. When he reached to the street he run away. Seeing he was running away the shop assistant immediately    called  the police. Police started to find the thief. When Edison was running fast, suddenly he saw crowd of people . He joined them and thought he could save his life exactly with this way. In that time people were waiting for a new boss to a factory. As Edison was warring very smart people thought that he was their boss. Than they took Edison to the factory. In that factory about 30 people were sitting. When he entered he was shocked and did not know what to do and what to say. He came to boss chair and sat and also pretended to be very strict. He acted as bosses and everybody liked his speeches.


     After that incredible adventure Edison came back home . He decided not to be lazy and has to help for his father and with this way they can live in peace.        


Hasanova Robiya


third year student



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